What Foosball Table Should You Purchase?

As many foosball fans and enthusiasts will ask, how do I find a good foosball table? This article is written to help you get your money’s worth when shopping for a foosball. To begin with let us first reacquaint ourselves with what foosball entails. Just like soccer the objective of foosball is to score the ball in the opponent’s goal. However instead of 11 players, foosball is played by 2 players or by teams 2 people on each side of the table.

Essential Features To Look For In The Right Foosball Table

In order to buy a good table it takes a little more than an eye for detail. The prices of tables range by the manufactures and the design and make of the table. But whether you are planning to buy a 100$ or 3000$ table, it is still a big purchase that needs to be done with care.

To begin with it is recommended that a little research is done before making a financial commitment on any table.

Steel Rods – Assure that your table has light steel rods that are not only durable but also allow a player to have a firm grip and speed up the game.

Stable and firm construction – Generally, the best table are made out of two things, wood and composite construction. Wood tables come cheaper as with time they tend to absorb moisture and self damage. It is therefore advisable to go all out and get the composite table that will still have a stable frame even in the most humid areas.

A strong particle board – In an effort to save and make more money, some manufactures will use cheap materials to make up the particle board. With time this board weakens up and eventually crumbles down. To avoid this assure that your table weighs more than 70lbs and is more that ½ inch in thickness.

Markings – The markings are what will really guile the players on the line up and the basic rules of the game. You should therefore assure that your table markings are not stick-on or low quality ink that will peel off or wash off during maintenance.

Cleaning and Maintenance Features – If you are not looking to replace the whole table or parts of it after a short time, then you must consider the buying a table that has maintenance features.

Leveling the table – The level of the table is the most important part of foosball. With a table that isn’t leveled there won’t be a game as the table may favor on side. Therefore make sure that you purchase a table that has adjustable leg levelers as you can’t always rely on the ground to be leveled.

Warranty – To assure that you are getting the best foosball, the manufacturer should be ready to offer you a warrant of at least one year. This is because a table is a long term investment that could last you a lifetime.

Foosball Table Reviews

Finally, the best place to look at different tables and performances would be visiting the foosball table’s reviews. Here you will find the experiences of different clients just like you with different kinds of tables. From prices to durability the table reviews will answer you’re all your questions. With all this factors taken into consideration, you will be on your way to owning a timeless foosball table for your business or the family.










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